We work tirelessly to help small groups achieve their aims.

Trying to figure out funding options as a small group can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS lives and breathes group work. We have helped literally hundreds of groups to secure funding and grow in size, all whilst keeping a personal one-on-one touch with each. If you think your group is ready to take the next step then we would be delighted to aid you in that goal.

We have extensive knowledge about which grants will be right for you to complete your project. We will also go through the application process with you to ensure success.


If you are a new group we can help you to set up your policies and procedures. Starting you off on a solid foundation.


Help your message get out there by letting us feature you in our weekly interactive newsletter.


We can run small case-by-case training sessions to make sure you are up to speed on Trustee roles and responsibilities.


Our scope in the voluntary sector allows us to advertise for and screen suitable volunteers. This means you get the people you need to help and can be sure they will have the suitable skills to aid you.


We work with new and existing groups to help them develop new projects and expand their services and activities to meet local needs.

We would love to hear from you, contact us to take your group to the next level.